5 Best Winter Boots for Men

5 Best Winter Boots for Men

No matter what the elements have in store for us this season, our top five will keep you dry, warm and most importantly, looking good.

We’d love to assume that after last year, the worst of the winter weather is behind us-but we hear that the Polar Vortex is making a comeback, leaving little doubt that chillier days are on the horizon. Whether heading to the office or knee-deep in piles of snow, there’s a boot to suit every winter warrior out there. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

After extensive research, we’ve compiled a list of the best winter boots for whatever conditions are thrown your way. No matter what the elements have in store for us this season, our top ten will keep you dry, keep you warm and most importantly, keep you looking good.

Columbia Men’s Bugaboot Plus III Titanium Omni-Heat Boot
Best for: Snowball Battlers

The perfect boot for sub-zero playtime. The Bugaboot (pictured above) has so many technologically advanced foot-warming features, it’s hard to believe they all fit in such a slim package. The outers are made from OutDRY breathable waterproof material and seam-sealed construction, so you’re feet stay both dry and sweat-free. Next comes 600g of insulation for a maximum buffer between you and the chilly outdoors. A reflective lining keeps your natural body heat in so your toes stay extra toasty, even if it’s -32C out. Finally, the lightweight sole is made from Columbia’s own Techlite material, which both absorbs shock and rebounds back back, so you’ll have a bounce in your step – down to the last snowball.

Sorel Men’s Caribou II Boot
Best for: Urban Lumberjacks

You can’t beat a classic. The original Sorel Caribou boot has been keeping feet warm and dry since 1962, and little has changed in the look or feel of these winter workhorses over the past 53 years. These boots were built to last, and come with Thermoplus™ felt liners that are easy ro remove and clean, so your pair stays fresh over the years. Couple that with trademark nubuck leather and waterproof seams, your feet will be both stylish and snug. Can you wear them around the office? Perhaps not. Will you look like a 1970s lumberjack charging through the snow? Oh, absolutely.

Hi-Tec Terra Lox Mid 200 I
Best For: The Fearless Nine-to-Five-r

If those boots don’t check all of the boxes, the Hi-Tec Terra Lox Mid 200 I might fit the bill. Designed for snow banks outside with the office in mind, this micro fleece lined boot is made with i-shield technology, which repels water and dirt, Made with specially trademarked insulation, this boot traps heat ensuring warm feet for hours. No need to fear treading through snow or even walking on wet ground; these highly rated boots are stain resistant too. Couple that with a Vibram rubber outsole that ensures traction and durability, it’s clear that these boots were made for men ready to face winter head-on.

Sorel Men’s Paxson CH Casual Ankle Boot
Best for: City Slickers

If you’re a man who needs hardcore winter protection but don’t want to look like an arctic explorer when you stroll into the office, this is the boot for you. The Sorel Paxson Chukka Waterproof pull-on forgoes laces and the explosion of fake fur around the ankle, giving this weatherproof slip-on a sleeker silhouette that is office-ready. Of course, that doesn’t mean it isn’t a sub-zero performer; it’s still got the waterproof, seam-sealed construction and intense insulation that has made Sorel the go-to winter footwear brand for decades.

Helly Hansen Men’s Garibaldi D Ring Winter Boot
Best for: Après Ski Socializers

After a long day of skiing or snowboarding on the mountain, there’s nothing like warming up for a little après ski with friends. And when it comes to the mountain bar hopping, you’ll want to be warm – but you’ll also want to look good. The Helly Hansen Men’s Garibaldi D Ring Winter Boot fulfills both of these criteria, and then some. It’s made of waterproof leather, lined with soft insulating felt, and has a patented Helly grip sole to keep you steady on icy patches. But above all that, these boots look darn good. They’re made from full-grain nubuck leather, topped with a faux-fur cuff, and when worn under a pair of jeans, almost look like a pair of trendy boat shoes. Thank these boots for all the new friends you’ll have by the end of the night.